Methods for Editing Objects: Reference

Access object editing options using the following methods:

Methods Descriptions
Command line Enter a command and then select the objects to modify. Alternatively, select the objects first and then enter a command.
Shortcut menu Select and right-click an object to display a shortcut menu with relevant editing options.
Double-click Double-click an object to display the Properties palette or, in some cases, a dialog box or editor that is specific to that type of object. (You can specify the double-click action for each object type by customizing a CUIx file and loading it into the program.)
Grips Use grips to reshape, move, rotate and manipulate objects:
  • Grip modes. Select an object grip to work with the default grip mode—stretch—or press Enter or Spacebar to cycle through the additional grip modes—move, rotate, scale, and mirror.
  • Multifunctional grips. For many objects, you can also hover over a grip to access a menu with object-specific, and sometimes grip-specific, editing options.