Load the Bifrost Extension plug-in

If the Bifrost Graph does not appear on Maya's Create menu, and Bifrost Browser and Bifrost Graph Editor do not appear on Maya's Windows menu, then the Bifrost Extension plug-in is not loaded.

In particular, you need to manually load the bifrostGraph plug-in after installing Bifrost Extension for Maya 2019 or Maya 2019.1 Update because it is not auto-loaded by default.

To load the plug-in in Maya:

  1. Choose Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager.

  2. Load bifrostGraph manually, and set it to auto-load for future sessions.

  3. Optionally, load the following and set them to auto-load:

    • bifmeshio, bifrostshellnode, bifrostvisplugin: required for Bifrost Fluids in Maya's FX menu set.
    • Boss: required for BOSS (Bifrost Ocean Simulation System) in Maya's FX menu set.
    • mayaVnnPlugin: required for interacting with the node-based environment (automatically loaded by bifrostGraph).

If bifrostGraph does not appear in the Plug-in Manager, then the plug-in is not installed. See Install Bifrost Extension for Maya.