Getting Started Tutorials

These tutorials will get you started with the application workspace and some important design tools and tasks.

In Autodesk Civil 3D, design data is organized as object collections in the Toolspace window. In Toolspace, the Prospector tab displays the hierarchy of design objects, such as points, surfaces, and alignments. The Settings tab displays a hierarchy of object styles, including styles for labels and tables.

The Panorama window displays data in a horizontally oriented grid, which makes it easier to see many columns at once. Each type of data displayed in Panorama uses a separate tab, known as a vista, that is specific to that data type.

There are many ways to view Autodesk Civil 3D objects, including Visual Styles, Named Views, and the Object Viewer.


All drawings used in these tutorials are available in the tutorials drawings folder. If you want to save your work from these tutorials, save the drawings to the My Tutorial Data folder so that you do not overwrite the original drawings.