Save groom edits to delta files

As you build your character groom, you can save edits to an XGD delta file so that your source Description is not changed. Use delta files in your workflow to make shot-based changes to grooms and save edits to a Description incrementally while preserving the origin version.

After you enable the delta file, Maya saves any changes made to the Collection to an XGD file when you save the scene. The delta file only stores the edits made since the last scene save. It does not save all the settings and data associated with the Description. When you preview or render the edited Description, Maya reads the original XGEN Collection and the XGD file.

XGD files cannot be used to change the Description's patch bindings, the Primitive Type, or how the primitives are controlled.

To save edits to an XGD delta file

  1. In the Outliner, select the Collection.

    Collections are represented by this icon: .

  2. In the collection Attribute Editor, turn on XgExport As Delta.
  3. Save the scene.

    Maya creates an XGD delta file containing edits to your Description. The XGD delta file is saved in the scene folder of the set Maya project. Otherwise, it is located in same directory as the XGEN Collection file.

    To remove the edits, delete the XGD file, or move it to another folder.

    Note: If you turn off XgExport As Delta and save the scene, Maya overwrites your source Description (XGEN file).

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