Interactive grooming Displacement modifier attributes

Use a Displacement modifier to offset hair and fur from the surface of the bound mesh. If your character mesh has a displacement map, you can use this map to ensure that characters hair and fur generation adheres to the contours of the mesh surface.

Displace/ Vector Displacement
Input attributes that lets you connect a height displacement map or a vector displacement map.

Click this icon to connect an existing texture or this icon to paint a texture on the mesh for displacement. See also Work with masks.

Coordinate System
Sets the displacement axis for the vector displacement map based on the application used to create the map: either Maya (XYZ) or Mudbox (XZY).
Scaling factor applied to the overall displace.
Controls the base value of the displacement. For example, when set to 0.5, gray colors in the connected displacement maps do not displace the hair strands.
Controls the distance between the hair strands and the surface of the bound character mesh. This is similar to the Displacement attribute, but the offset direction is not affected by Bump map.
Controls the height of the bumps when a bump map is connected to the Displacement modifier.