Preview hair, fur, and instanced geometry

Using the XGen Preview, you can display the output of a Description in the scene view. Previews lets you see the details of your Description, such as primitive shape, size, and density before rendering. In typical a XGen workflow, you may need to preview a Description numerous times before being satisfied with the results.

To preview and clear your Description

  1. By default, your current XGen Description previews automatically. If no preview displays, click the Preview icon in the XGen window toolbar.

    You can change settings so that a preview displays automatically (see To change the preview settings below).

  2. To clear the surface of the previewed primitives, click the icon.

    Clearing the previewed primitives does not remove them from the Description.

To change the preview settings

  1. In the XGen Editor toolbar, click beside the Preview icon and select an option from the list that appears.
  2. To change the Clear Preview options, click beside the Clear Preview icon and select an option from the list that appears.
  3. To change other preview settings, such as the color and density that primitives display in the preview, click the Preview/Output tab and set an applicable option.
  4. In the Preview Settings, configure the desired preview options.