XGen interactive grooming Noise modifier attributes

Use a Noise modifier to generate three-dimensional noise along the length of each hair strand. This effect breaks up the uniform shape of each hair and makes them appear more natural.

Sets the frequency of the noise as the number of cycles per-unit length of the hair.
Sets the amount that the effect of noise correlates between neighboring hairs.
Preserve Length
Sets the percent (0 to 100) to blend the modified hair length to original groomed hair length.

Bake Options

Specifies what you want to do with the modifier effect generated in the scene.

Applies the modifier effect directly to the hair. Use this option if you want to edit the effect further. The modifier computations occur when the incoming data changes.
Saves the modified hairs to an Alembic file, which can be read when previewing or rendering. Use this option if you do want to edit the effect. The CV offsets are not recalculated but baked out as tweaks for better performance.
Bake Noise Data
When working in Baked mode, click Bake Noise Data to update the baked data in memory with any edits you made to the Noise modifier attributes.