Create vert lookup tables with the componentMatch node

Use the componentMatch node to automatically create a lookup table that feeds into your component list, so you don't have to create your own vert table. The componentMatch node use an algorithm to compares geometries, builds a correlation between verts, and output a pre-configured lookup table.

If you prefer to create your own lookup table, ensure that the Use Component Lookup option in the Morph Options is turned off.

To use the componentMatch node to create a vert lookup table

  1. Start with deformed geometry, consisting of a driver object and a deformed object.
  2. Set Component Tags on both the driver and deformed geometry. (See Assign Component Tags to Geometry.)
    Note: Components must have the same amount of component elements between the driver and deformed geometry or a table cannot be generated automatically. If the polygon count does not match, the componentMatch node cannot interpolate realistically between the shapes.
  3. Apply a Morph Deformer to transfer the deformation from the driver object to the object to deform. In the Morph Options, activate Use Component Lookup to generate a componentMatch node.
  4. In the Node Editor, select the componentMatch node to open the Component Match Attributes opens in the Attribute Editor.
  5. In the Attribute Editor Component Match Attributes, enter the Component Tag name in the Tag Expression field. (This field supports expressions, so you can enter a partial tag name, for example, "*_left", to locate all Component tag names that include "left".)
  6. Press Enter to apply the Component match. The target geometry is modified, based on the driver object.