Viewport 2.0 limitations


Viewport 2.0 supports all common workflows in Maya, with the exception of the following limitations:
  • You cannot map textures to the Zero Parallax Color attribute.
  • Currently, there is no support for multi-sample anti-aliasing for stereo display modes.
Selection Highlighting

Selection highlighting cannot be turned off for the following:

  • Cone shapes created from Create > Volume Primitive > Cone
  • Deformers:
    • Axes of the lattice deformer
    • Position and orientation marker numbers
    • All non-linear deformers
  • Create > Measure Tools
Polygon sorting
Backface Culling

Backface Culling does not support the following:

  • Display > Polygons > Culling Options > Keep Hard Edges
  • The Display Tangent attribute in the shape node's Mesh Component Display attribute group.
  • Custom Key Steps
  • Ghosting of deforming geometry not supported
  • Fading of ghost color not supported. This feature is deprecated.
Bullet objects are not supported when Viewport 2.0 is running in OpenGL - Core Profile (Strict) or DirectX 11 mode. Use OpenGL - Core Profile (Compatibility) or OpenGL- Legacy mode when using Bullet.
Ramp textures are not supported on the Toon shader


The following shaders are supported as baked:

The following shaders are not supported:


Viewport 2.0 Platform

Mac OS X

Slowdowns or Instability
You may encounter either extreme slowdowns or instability due to memory management issues on Mac OS X when you push close to your graphics ram limit. To possibly alleviate this problem, set the texture size used for viewport display when loading in file textures for the renderer. Use the following procedure:

To set the texture size used for viewport display

    • Set the environment variable : MAYA_OGS_ENABLE_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE_PREF to 1 before starting up Maya.

    You can also set this environment variable: MAYA_OGS_CPU_MEMORY_LIMIT (to a value in MB) to the amount of memory you anticipate using for the renderer. The value should be smaller than the actual amount available on your machine.

    Mac OS X for graphics cards with less memory

    When working in Viewport 2.0 on Mac OS X (10.6.x), instabilities may occur when too much graphics memory is used. For graphics cards with less memory, this situation may occur more frequently, since the memory threshold is smaller. A graphics card with 1GB of VRAM or greater is recommended for the Mac OS X platform.

    Note: You cannot use Viewport 2.0 on Apple computer systems or hardware shipping prior to 2009. Upgrade you system based on Maya Certified Hardware recommendations.

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