Creating a Multi-Family electrode

You can use the electrode tree to create Multi-Impression electrodes as Multi-Family electrodes, and specify the undersize of each burn-form.

To define a Multi-Family electrode:

  1. Select a Multi-Impression electrode from the tree.
  2. Right-click the selected electrode.

    The Multi-Impression Electrode context menu is displayed.

  3. Select Multi-Impression > Multi-Family Electrode.

    The Multi-Impression electrode is converted into a Multi-Family electrode.

    The icons represent the undersizes of the burn-forms, which are displayed in brackets after the electrode name.

Burn-form role

You can also use the tree to define the role of a burn-form (in a Multi-Family electrode) as a rougher, semi-finisher, or a finisher. To define a burn-forms role:

  1. Select a Multi-Family electrode.
  2. Right-click the selected electrode

    The Multi-Family Electrode context menu is displayed.

  3. From the context menu select one of the following:
    • Multi-Impression > Rougher
    • Multi-Impression > Semi-Finisher
    • Multi-Impression > Finisher