Replace Faces

Use the Replace option to select faces of a solid and replace them with other existing faces.

  1. Select a solid.
  2. Click Solid Tools tab > Modify Face panel > Replace to display the Replace Faces dialog.
  3. Select the original faces. These are the faces that will be replaced, and can be from the pre-selected solid or a different solid.
  4. Select the replacement face or item. Your selection can be from the same or different solid.

    Face is selected by default; alternatively, select Surface or Open solid from the drop-down list.

  5. Select the Delete the replacement item option if you want the replacement item to be automatically deleted when the operation is applied.
  6. If required, enter a value for Offset. The offset distance is measured from the replacement entity.
  7. When more than solution is possible, use the Previous and Next Solution buttons to select the required solution:

    These buttons work on the current operation; when you have selected Apply, you cannot change the solution for the applied operation.

  8. If required, click to display the Replace Faces Options dialog:

    Use the options on this dialog to adjust the appearance of the graphical preview that is displayed before you click Apply on the Replace Faces dialog.