Relinquish Elements in a Workshared Cloud Model

Relinquish the ownership of model elements for another user so that other users can work on those elements.

When another user who owns model elements is not available to relinquish those elements, you can force the relinquishment of those elements. This tool is useful if a user has ownership of elements, but is not available for an extended period of time.

Note: You can also relinquish model elements for yourself or the user currently logged in to Revit without opening the model.
Note: Force relinquishing model elements will result in losing unsynchronized data in the local model, Additionally, you will not be able to perform worksharing operations. To prevent this, it is recommended that you save your changes independently, close the model, and re-open the model from the cloud. You can copy your changes to the cloud version.

To relinquish the ownership of model elements

  1. Click Collaborate tabManage Models panel (Manage Cloud Models).
  2. Select a Autodesk Docs project.
  3. Select a model, click (Actions), and click Relinquish.
  4. Select the user for whom you want to relinquish elements, and click Relinquish.