Workflow: Revit Cloud Worksharing

Set up Revit Cloud Worksharing to collaborate on a model stored in the cloud, and learn how team members can use Revit to work on the model concurrently.

To set up Revit Cloud Worksharing

  1. The Autodesk Docs account administrator does the following:
    1. Launch Autodesk Docs Account Administration and sign in.
    2. Set up a Autodesk Docs project.
    3. Assign project administrators.
  2. The project administrators do the following:
    1. Organize folders for the project.
    2. Invite team members.
    3. Upload the Revit model to Autodesk Docs.
  3. Note: Workshared models should be initiated to Projects folder on Autodesk Docs. See Upload a Workshared Model to Autodesk Docs (Revit Cloud Worksharing).
  4. Team members can collaborate with the Revit team only or with external stakeholders.
    To collaborate with the internal team, do the following:
    1. Accept the invitation to the project sent via e-mail.
    2. Open a workshared cloud model and make changes in the model concurrently with other users.
    3. Synchronize with the central model to save your changes to the model.

      Project team members who use Revit can see these changes. However, the changes are not available to non-Revit users, such as external stakeholders.

      Use the Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro Sync Activity Indicator in the Status Bar to check the status of the central model for a workshared cloud model. The status can be Available for Sync or Synchronizing. Click the icon to open the Manage Cloud Models dialog and view the synchronization history. The icon is hidden if the active model is not a workshared cloud model.
      • Available for Sync: The central model is available for synchronizing.
      • Synchronizing: The central model is busy; another user is synchronizing. Use the Reload Latest command to retrieve the latest changes.

        When multiple users are synchronizing, a message displays that multiple users are synchronizing with the central model. When a single user is synchronizing, the user's name is also displayed in the tooltip.

    To collaborate with external stakeholders, share the latest version of the model by doing the following:
    1. Select the views and sheets you want to share.
    2. Publish the model to Autodesk Docs.
    3. Note: When you publish a model, the selected views and sheets are visible to external stakeholders. Only publish versions of the model that you want external stakeholders to see.