About Cloud Models for Revit

Use Cloud Models for Revit to save your non-workshared, local model to a selected project on Autodesk Docs.

Video: Save a Model to the Cloud

For example, companies that use Revit LT can use Cloud Models for Revit to collaborate with companies that use Revit Cloud Worksharing.


For requirements for Cloud Models for Revit, see How do I Access Cloud Models for Revit?

To save or open Cloud Models for Revit, sign into your Autodesk account from Revit.

Collaborating with others

To collaborate on a model in the cloud, Revit, you must upload the model from Revit to Autodesk Docs.

Note: You can link a non-workshared cloud model to a workshared or non-workshared cloud model.

How Cloud Models for Revit differs from Revit Cloud Worksharing

When you use Cloud Models for Revit, only one user at a time can open and edit a non-workshared cloud model. If one user tries to open a non-workshared cloud model which is open by another user, a warning displays with the name of the user who is currently working on the model.

For information on worksharing, see About Worksharing and About Updating Workshared Projects in Revit LT.

Note: When you use the Open tool in Revit to access cloud models, Revit ensures that you are working on the latest version of the cloud model.