Expanded Category List for Multi-Category Schedules and Material Take-offs

You can now use system categories and subcategories that were previously not available in multi-category schedules and material takeoffs.

This feature enhancement improves Revit scheduling by including additional system categories in multi-category schedules for Schedule/Quantities and Material Takeoffs. When creating multi-category schedules, more categories and sub-categories, are available to choose from. This improvement enhances the ability to schedule system categories.

Note: When you upgrade project files from older versions, the multi-category schedule expands in length to accommodate an increase in system categories.

The following system categories and sub-categories appear in multi-category Schedules/Quantities.

Domain Category Sub-category
Architecture Wall Wall Sweep
Architecture Roof Fascia, Gutter, Roof Soffits
Architecture Floor Slab Edge
Architecture Railings
Architecture Ramps
Architecture Stairs Landings, Runs, Supports
Architecture Ceiling
Architecture Curtain Wall Mullions
Architecture Building Pads
Structure Structure Area Reinforcement
Structure Structure Beam System
Structure Structure Stiffeners
Structure Structure Path Reinforcement
MEP Duct System
MEP Electrical Circuits
MEP Piping System
MEP Switch System

The following categories and sub-categories are included in Material Takeoffs for single-category and multi-category schedules.

This feature was suggested by customers on the Ideas forum and is described on the product road map.

See Create a Schedule or Quantity.