New features videos

Watch these videos to learn about new features and enhancements in PowerMill 2022.

Background NC program and toolpath verification (2022.1)

You can now queue the verification of NC programs and toolpaths, so that they can be calculated in the background.

Enhanced projection finishing (2022.1)

You can now manually control the projection range for Line Projection Finishing, Plane Projection Finishing, and Point Projection Finishing strategies.

Enhanced toolpath limiting (2022.1)

You can now restore the initial view you were on when you first started to place points.

Faster model preparation (2022.1)

Improvements to toolpath calculation and toolpath editing enables faster CAM programming.

Trusted macros and HTML pages (2022.1)

You can now trust macros and HTML pages that are known to be safe.

Finishing toolpaths exclude flat areas (2022)

You can now choose to exclude flat areas from toolpaths that use the Steep and Shallow Finishing, 3D Offset Finishing, or Raster Finishing strategies.

Flat machining (2022)

The detection of flat areas has been improved for certain finishing strategies.

4-axis collision avoidance (2022)

Automatic Collision Avoidance has been extended to the Rotary Finishing strategy.

Projection ranges (2022)

You can now manually control the projection range for Surface Projection Finishing and Curve Projection Finishing strategies.

Staggered start points (2022)

The start points of successive, closed toolpath passes can now be staggered to maintain forward motion.

Constant Z with undercuts (2022)

An improvement has been made to Automatic Collision Avoidance when using Constant Z Finishing for machining parts with undercuts.