System Variable Monitor Dialog Box

Monitors system variables and reports when they are changed from their preferred value.


In most cases, this happens when a custom routine is cancelled. You can reset system variables that have changed back to the preferred value.

The following options are displayed.

Notify When These System Variables Change
Tracks the changes of the listed system variables and display notifications when current values do not match the preferred value. (SYSMON system variable)
Enable Balloon Notification
Displays a balloon notification when a system variable does not match the Preferred value.
System Variable List
Displays the monitored system variables and their corresponding status, expected and current values, and access to individual system variable Help topic.
Note: If you have changed the system variable setting before you added it to the list, the Preferred value will display the current value (not the initial value).

status indicates that the current value for the system variable is different than the preferred value.

Reset All
Replaces the current value with the preferred value for all the listed system variables.
Edit List
Displays the Edit System Variables List dialog box.