About Opening Drawings

You open drawings to work on them just as you do with other applications.

TrustedDWG™ Drawing Files

DWG, DWT, and DWS files created with Autodesk applications and RealDWG™-based applications are trusted by Autodesk. When you open a TrustedDWG file, the following icon displays in the status bar.

If the DWGCHECK system variable is set to On (1), an alert box is displayed if
  • The drawing file format is AutoCAD Release 14 or later and
  • The drawing file was not originally created by an Autodesk application or RealDWG-based application.

For more information about TrustedDWG, click the TrustedDWG icon.

Change the Default Drawing Folder

Each time you start the product, the last folder that you used for opening or saving a file is set as the default path in the standard file selection dialog box. Alternatively, you can specify a fixed default folder with the program shortcut icon in Windows. For specific instructions, see the topic To Change the Default Drawing Folder.

Resolve Missing References

When you open a drawing, you are notified when an external reference such as an xref, image, or underlay cannot be located. If the external reference was moved to a different folder or drive, use the External References palette to locate the file.

Note: Missing shape files are often the result of custom shapes being used in a linetype. Browse to the missing linetype file, or place the shape file in the folder with the drawing or one of the support paths defined in the Options dialog box. For information about custom shape files in linetypes, see "About Shapes in Custom Linetypes".

Recover Defective Drawing Files

In some circumstances, it is possible that a drawing file becomes corrupted. This can result from hardware problems or transmission errors. If a drawing file is corrupt, you might be able to recover it:

If you cannot recover a drawing file, rename the drawing's .bak file to a similar name specifying a .dwg extension. If the .bak file is also corrupt, hopefully you can access a copy from a backup device or location.