New in Project Explorer and Grading Optimization

Learn about enhancements to Project Explorer and Grading Optimization .

Project Explorer and Grading Optimization can be downloaded and installed in the following ways:

Project Explorer

New in 2023.2

  • Added support for reviewing property sets in the Project Explorer window, which are assigned to the following Civil 3D object types:
    • Base objects:
      • Alignments
      • Profiles
      • Assemblies
      • Corridors
      • Surfaces
      • Site feature lines
      • Parcels
      • Sample line groups
    • Sub-objects:
      • COGO points
      • Pipes
      • Structures
      • Pressure pipes
      • Fittings
      • Appurtenances
      • Block references
  • Added support for including property sets in object sets, reports, AutoCAD tables, and spreadsheets, which are attached to the Civil 3D object types.
  • Added layout style support for property sets. You can determine the order and visibility of the value, description, and property name columns across all forms of output from Project Explorer.
  • Added support for filtering property set content in the Project Explorer window, reports, AutoCAD tables, and spreadsheets by property name, property value, or property set name.
  • Added support for editing property sets.
  • Added support for catchments to the Project Explorer window, and for the generation of reports and tables.
  • Added support for editing catchment properties.

New in 2023

Project Explorer's table functionality has continued to expand since its introduction. Project Explorer for Civil 3D 2023 makes the table tools even more powerful, adding capabilities to:

  • Add custom text summaries or notes at the bottom of AutoCAD tables and tables in reports.
  • Add total (sum) rows to AutoCAD tables and reports. Total (sum) rows can also be displayed in the Project Explorer window using an appropriately formatted Layout Style.
  • Set row heights in AutoCAD tables to a specific custom value.

These new features are configurable from a series of Layout Style and Table Style enhancements. Furthermore, the inclusion of "total row" support in the user interface allows certain quantities to be monitored dynamically as design changes are applied in Civil 3D.

In addition, the "Compare To" functionality has been enhanced to allow customers to compare point groups, blocks, and parcels to feature lines.

Grading Optimization

Grading Optimization is a preliminary terrain optimization tool for site designers. It uses design data and automates otherwise repetitive manual grading tasks according to customized object constraints.

New in 2023

Grading Optimization 2023 adds the following new functionality. For more information, see What's New in Autodesk Grading Optimization for Civil 3D 2023.

  • Non-Collinear segments returned to Civil 3D: In previous versions, when the optimized surface was returned to Civil 3D, feature lines often were overlapping and returned as collinear feature lines. In Grading Optimization 2023, feature lines are returned as non-collinear, which reduces the number of feature lines a customer must manage and reduces drawing instability.
  • Optimization Panel: This panel provides a heads up display for reviewing and analyzing optimizations in progress.
  • Help Center: This new interface provides access to user assistance, including the Grading Optimization help system, basic workflow assistance, tutorials, and sample files.
  • Notification Center: This new interface provides information about the optimization process, including conflicts between constraints.
  • Enhanced Convergence and Validation Graphs: These graphs provide information to customers to monitor the progress and quality of the optimization. The graphs have been enhanced to provide better visibility and more useful assistance during the optimization process.
  • Enhanced Progress Bar: The progress bar has been enhanced to show visual cues regarding the current stage of the optimization process.
  • Ribbon Button: A button to launch Grading Optimization has been added to the ribbon on the Civil 3D Home tab.