Pause material and texture swatch generation to improve Hypershade performance

If you have a lot of materials and textures in your scene, you can avoid waiting for swatches to render by toggling on and off swatch generation.

You can toggle on and off swatch generation in the following areas:

The Material Viewer is not affected by this setting.

The state of the toggle is saved with your preferences, and is retained when you start a new scene and when you restart Maya.

Only swatches that are at or below the maximum resolution are rendered. You can set the maximum resolution for swatches in the Preferences window. (In the Display category, set the Max res. for swatches preference.)

To pause swatch generation using the Hypershade icons

To toggle on and off swatch generation for all nodes, click the and buttons in the Hypershade toolbar.

When swatch generation is toggled off, you can enable swatch rendering for a specific node in your shader graph by right-clicking and selecting Refresh Swatch from the marking menu.

To pause swatch generation using scripting

You can also toggle on and off swatch rendering by setting the renderThumbnailUpdate command to true or false. Refresh the swatch for a particular node by specifying the node name using the -forceUpdate flag.

See the renderThumbnailUpdate command documentation for more information.

Disable swatch rendering when starting Maya

You can disable swatch generation when starting Maya so that swatches are not rendered in any of the Node Editor, Hypershade and Attribute Editor.

  1. Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences to open the Preferences window.
  2. Under the Display category, disable Render swatches (startup).

    When this setting is disabled, the toggle swatch generation setting in the Hypershade is set to when you start Maya.

    When this setting is enabled, the toggle swatch generation icon in the Hypershade is set to its last saved state.

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