Viewing and evaluating UVs

Once you have mapped UVs onto a model you view and edit the resulting UV texture coordinates using the UV Editor. The UV Editor lets you view the two-dimensional UV mesh on its own or in relation to the image texture. The UV Editor lets you manipulate the components of the UV mesh in the 2D view much like you work with other polygon components in Maya.

In some instances the default UV projection may not appear in a manner you expect or require. In these situations you must visually evaluate, then manually edit the UV layout to rearrange the position of the UVs within the UV Editor to better suit the requirements of the texture. For more information, see Displaying and selecting UVs.

In terms of production workflow, you typically map and edit (rearrange) the UVs once you have completed your modeling and before you assign textures to the model. How you edit the UVs for a particular polygon mesh depends on the texture mapping requirements you have.

The following are some examples of situations where UVs need to be edited to meet specific texturing requirements.

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