Create UV shells

You can separate or group selected components into a new UV shell, which is useful for laying them out together.

To create a UV shell

  1. In the UV Editor, select the components you want to include in your new UV shell.
    Note: You can select any component type (vertices, edges, faces, or UVs) and your selection can contain multiple groups of components. For example, you can marquee select a group of UVs on one part of your UV shell and then Shift-select another group of UVs on a different part of your UV shell.
  2. Do one of the following in the UV Editor:
    • Select Modify > Create UV Shell.
    • Shift + right-click and select Create UV Shell.
    • Select Cut & Sew > Create UV Shell from the UV Toolkit.

    Maya makes a cut along the perimeter of your selection, creating a new shell, and the UV Editor automatically enters shell component mode.

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