Developer Tools

Customize the Vault through the API.

If you know how to program, there are a large amount of customization possibilities though the Vault Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Common customizations include utilities, automations, integrations with other systems, commands and data views.

Overview of using the API to customize the Autodesk Vault

There are three APIs for Vault:

The Web Service API is available in all version of Vault. However, the Vault Client and Job Processor APIs are only available for Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional.

Vault Developer Framework (VDF)

The VDF is a high-level framework on top of the existing API that provides:
  • Reusable business logic for common vault algorithms
  • Reusable GUI controls for common workflows
  • Extensible components that can be configured to match host requirements

Learn more about the VDF feature set here.

Vault SDK

Programmers interested in creating their own Vault programs can use the Vault Software Development Kit (SDK). It gets automatically installed with the Vault server. You can find it in the "SDK" folder under your "ADMS" install location.

The SDK contains useful tools, such as documentation on all classes and functions, sample applications, knowledge base articles, utilities, error code descriptions, and changes from previous releases. It has everything you need to get started writing your own Vault programs.

A language pack is available for the Vault SDK. Refer to Doug Redmond's blog, It's All Just Ones and Zeroes, for more information on downloading and using the language pack.

Visual Basic

You can write iLogic rules using only Autodesk Inventor parameter assignment statements, predefined iLogic functions, and simple VB.NET code. However, you are not limited to these techniques. You can use more advanced features of VB.NET in a rule. Visual Basic can be used to create external DLL files that can be called from rules (You can also call DLL files written in C# or C++).

Vault Customization Blog

It's All Just Ones and Zeros is an Autodesk blog devoted specifically to Vault customization and programming. It contains in-depth articles on API concepts, programming tips and tricks and announcements. Best of all it contains a large library of sample applications, with source code included

Autodesk Developer Network

The Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) fully supports the Vault APIs. They have knowledge base articles, additional sample code, product downloads and they can generate developer licenses for Vault Workgroup and Professional. If you get stuck on something, you can ask questions through their Dev Help Online page.