Job Server

The process of creating and checking in visualization files manually can be time-intensive for some users, especially those responsible for managing large assemblies. The job server utility allows users to automatically create and check-in visualization files from their local workstation.

Note: You must be an administrator to enable the Job Server.

Users assign their publishing jobs to a job queue where they are stored until certain parameters are met. The job processor then creates the visualization files and checks them into the vault based on the publishing properties defined in the Global Settings dialog.

Administrators can manage the job server by tracking jobs, re-submitting stalled jobs, and deleting unnecessary jobs. Refer to Job Server Administration for more information on Administrator's tasks and for a deeper examination of the Job Server component.

Job Server Components

The Job Server consists of two components: 

  1. Job Queue - A list, or queue, of jobs submitted by clients (Inventor, AutoCAD, Vault, Autoloader) waiting to be processed. This queue is stored in and managed by the Vault Server.
  2. Job Processor - is a separate application that reserves queued jobs and pulls them from the job server to process them. Since the job processor is installed along with the vault client, any workstation with Autodesk Vault Workgroup and Professional can be used to process jobs.

    You can sign into your Autodesk Account through the Job Processor. Click here to learn more.

How It Works

Jobs are submitted to the job server when: