Essential skills videos

Watch these videos to learn about some of the essential skills in PowerShape.

Introduction: To prepare a CAD model for manufacture

Watch this introduction for an explanation of the essential skills covered by this selection of training videos.

File import and repair

Explore the PowerShape graphics user interface. Learn how to import and view a 3D CAD model. Use analytical tools to identify and fix common faults such as gaps, overlaps and holes.

Direct modelling

Use visualization tools to analyze the amount of draft on a 3D model. Continue by using Direct Modelling to make rapid changes to the model.

Cavity and core splitting

Learn how to manage CAD models using levels. See how the Core and Cavity wizard helps split components into core and cavity halves, and creates sliding cores. Continue by creating split curves and surfaces.

Designing the die inserts

See how PowerShape’s intelligent cursor helps with the creation of wireframe geometry. Learn how to use solid modelling tools to convert the core and cavity halves into 3D die blocks or inserts.

Designing the sliding core

Learn how PowerShape can be used to create sliding cores. See how surface and solid modelling can be used to create the core and combine with the die blocks, before transferring data to PowerMill for CAM programming.