Creating a Non-Rectangular Callout View

  1. In a project, click View tabCreate panelCallout drop-down (Sketch).
  2. In the GUID-A764EA7A-FE26-469B-857C-F3A70812FC34.htm#WS1A9193826455F5FF219F8B8B1249CF2CB82-5A0A, select the type of callout to create: a detail callout or a view callout (a callout view that has the same view type as the parent view).


  3. Use the tools on the Modify and Draw panels to sketch the callout view.


  4. When you are finished, click Finish Edit Mode.
    Note: If you want to reset an edited callout to a rectangular shape, select it, and click Edit Modify | <view type> tab Mode panel Reset Crop.
  5. To see the callout view, double-click the callout head .

    The callout view displays in the drawing area.