To Work with Autodesk® Rendering in Fusion 360

Before You Start

Fusion uses Fusion 360 Appearance materials. These are supported in Autodesk® Rendering.
If rendering Fusion 360 files from your desktop, first use the Fusion 360 Export Archive feature to create a F3D file that you can upload to Autodesk® Rendering.

Render from Fusion 360

  1. In Fusion 360, navigate to the Render workspace.
  2. From the toolbar, click the Render button .
  3. If necessary, adjust the render settings, and click Render.
  4. Rendered images appear in the Render Gallery at the bottom of the viewport.
  5. Click a thumbnail to open the image viewer for larger images and more rendering options.

    Re-render using new settings
    Enables you to rerender with a new aspect ratio and rendering size.
    Render As Turn Table
    Enables you to create a turntable animation of your model. This is the same as when rendering as a turntable from My Renderings in Autodesk® Rendering.
    Adjust Exposure
    Opens a slider for exposure adjustment. This is similar to adjusting tone mapping in Fusion.
    Download Image
    Downloads an image of the current view to your computer.