To view and manage a network license

View license information, activate a trial license, borrow a license, change license type, or renew a license.

Audience Administrator

After you deploy products to individual workstations in your network, you or users in your network can manage licenses directly from each product. You do this from the Manage License option of the user account menu, where your user name appears after you sign in to your Autodesk account.

View license information

  1. Click your user account > Manage License. The License Manager dialog displays a list of licenses currently active in this session.
  2. To see license details, expand the drawer on an active license.

Activate a trial

If your trial period has not ended:

  1. Click your user account > Manage License.
  2. Click Activate in the License Manager.
  3. Follow the instructions for purchasing your product.

After your trial period has lapsed:

  1. Purchase a product license at the Autodesk Store.
  2. Start your installed product.

    You see a Trial Expired screen with a link to the Get Started page. Click the Get Started link and choose the license type you purchased.

Borrow a license

Borrowing a network license allows temporary use of a product on an offline computer.

Note: Not all products support license borrowing.
  1. Click your user account > Manage License.
  2. Click Borrow in the License Manager.
  3. In the Borrow A License calendar, click the date when you will return the license. This date must be within the valid range. The valid range is six months or the subscription term, whichever is shorter, or the range you specified in an options file.
  4. In the License Borrowed message, click Close. The license is borrowed, allowing the product to be used offline.
  5. When you are ready to return the license, click Return in the License Manager.
Note: In some products, you can verify that a license is borrowed by placing the cursor over the Borrowing icon in the status tray. It's in the lower-right corner.

Because a borrowed license is configured for use by a specific user on a specific computer and network card, don't change your login user name. Also make sure that your network card remains active. Some laptop computers disable the network card in power-save mode, so you may need to change this setting to retain access to the product.

Change the license type

Renew a license

Multi-user subscriptions expire in one, two, or three years. They do not autorenew, but require explicit renewal before a subscription expires. You must also update the license file with information about the renewed licenses. There are two ways to make this update.

Update all licenses by generating a license file for all products (recommended).

  1. Sign in to your Autodesk Account and select the option to generate the license file for all network products for a given server.
  2. Add this new license file to your license server.

Update the renewed snippet in the license file.

  1. From the license file you receive by email when you renew, copy the snippet that lists the renewed products with their new expiration date.
  2. Paste the snippet into your current license file.
Note: To avoid warning messages, you can remove the expired license snippets from your license file.

Warnings appear in a product in these situations: