View and Filter Models

When models are added to a coordination folder with clash detection tunred on, any clashes between the models are detected automatically. You can view the models using the tabs in the Model Coordination module.

  1. Click the Module Selector Model Coordination .

  2. Click the Models tab to view the list of coordinated models, the contributors, and total number of clashes for each model:

  3. Use the search feature, or open the filters in the right panel, to refine the model list.

    You can filter by the contributor, company, or date, and choose to view all models or only your models.

  4. Select the checkboxes next to the names of the models in the list and click Open in viewer.

    An aggregated view of the selected models is displayed in the viewer:

    Tip: Use the Models and Clashes buttons to the left of the panel to switch between a list of the selected models, and the clash groups for each of the models. You can also use the Issues button to view any issues associated with the selected models.
  5. Click Select models to adjust the models displayed in the viewer.

  6. Use the Viewer toolbar to control the view, take measurements, and inspect model properties.

  7. Select objects in the model, and right-click to use the options in the context menu:

    • Show Properties - opens a dialog that displays properties of the selected objects.

    • Isolate - isolates the selected objects by making the rest of the models transparent.

    • Hide selected - hides the selected objects from view.

    • Show all objects - shows all objects in the models.

    • Focus - zooms the view on the selected objects.

    • Pivot - uses the selected objects as a pivot point.

    • Clear selection - clears the selection.

    • Section:

      • Section Box - uses the selected object as a box to section the models.
      • Section Plane - uses the selected object as a plane to section the models.
  8. Click the X in the top-right corner to exit the viewer and return to the model list.