Model Coordination

Model Coordination provides a space to upload, review, and detect clashes between your latest set of 3D project models.


During a construction project, two designers may be working separately on architectural and electrical models. These two models need to be coordinated before any construction begins, to help ensure that they fit together. A clash may occur if, for example, a pipe carrying electrical cables overlaps with a wall. In this case, one of the models would need to be modified to remove the overlap, and therefore resolve the clash.

Detect clashes

When project administrators first sign in to Model Coordination, they are asked to create a coordination space and select a folder in the Document Management module to configure it against. Team members with access to the folder can then upload 3D models for review and clash coordination.

When 3D RVT, DWG, NWC, and IFC models are added to the coordination space, Model Coordination's clash service automatically detects any clashes between the objects in those models.

Project members can then review the detected clashes and either mark clashes as 'Not an issue' if no action is required, or create an issue for further investigation.

Project administrators can also manage clash settings after setting up a coordination space, opting models in and out of automatic clash detection as required.

Review models

In addition to clash detection, Model Coordination can be used to combine related subsets of your project data into groups, for example representing a specific level of a building. These unified Views can then be used to streamline clash and issue workflows.

You can also transform your models to ensure correct alignment before performing constructibility and clash reviews.

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