Partner Data and Analytics

Insight enables you to connect data from partner applications to your feature dashboards. This means you don't have to switch between applications as you can view all relevant project data from a single area to provide a holistic view of project performance.

Branded Partner Cards

Insight currently supports a selection of specific branded partner cards including reality capture, data and analytics, and workforce collaboration tools.

When you purchase or subscribe to an application supported by a branded partner card you should be provided with an iframe compatible embed link, which you will need to use to configure your partner cards.

Other Partner Cards

You can display data from other third-party applications if they have been included in the list of allowed domains. Use the application's iframe compatible embed link to configure the blank partner card template to display data.

Customize Dashboards

You can use these cards to create your own customized dashboards which are only visible to you, and do not affect the experience of other project members.

Note: You can add multiple partner cards to your dashboard from the same or different providers.

If there is a specific partner application that you would like us to support, contact our support team with details.