Get Started with Autodesk® Flow Design

These videos introduce you to the process and skills you need to run Flow Design. The videos primarily focus on the stand-alone version, but you can easily apply the skills described to the Inventor and Revit versions.

The Flow Design Story

Flow Design is a "virtual wind tunnel." Like an app, it performs one task--help you clearly visualize external air flow.

The Flow Design Process

To help you get started with Flow Design, this video walks you through the entire Flow Design process from start to end.

Wind Tunnel Setup

Flow Design automatically configures the wind tunnel based on the model size and shape. If the default wind tunnel isn't the right size for your model or the model isn't in the right orientation, you can easily change the setup using the techniques we'll explore in this video.

Using Planes to view Results

Planes show results on a 2D slice through the model. They show flow speed and pressure, and define the simulation location for 2D analyses.

Using Flow Lines to view Results

Flow lines show the air movement throughout our virtual wind tunnel, and tell a clear story about the flow patterns, wake formation, and circulation regions.