BossFeatureSideInput.classType Method

Parent Object: BossFeatureSideInput
Defined in namespace "adsk::fusion" and the header file is <Fusion/Plastic/BossFeatureSideInput.h>


Static function that all classes support that returns the type of the class as a string. The returned string matches the string returned by the objectType property. For example if you have a reference to an object and you want to check if it's a SketchLine you can use myObject.objectType == fusion.SketchLine.classType().


This is a static method.

returnValue = adsk.fusion.BossFeatureSideInput.classType()
This is a static method.

#include <Fusion/Plastic/BossFeatureSideInput.h>

returnValue = adsk::fusion::BossFeatureSideInput::classType();

Return Value

Type Description
string Returns a string indicating the type of the object.


Introduced in version October 2022