NamedValues.getValueByName Method

Parent Object: NamedValues
Defined in namespace "adsk::core" and the header file is <Core/Application/NamedValues.h>


Function that returns the ValueInput object of a name value pair by specifying its name


"namedValues_var" is a variable referencing a NamedValues object.

(returnValue, value) = namedValues_var.getValueByName(name)

#include <Core/Application/NamedValues.h

// Declare the output arguments.
string name;
Ptr<ValueInput> value;
boolean returnValue = namedValues_var->getValueByName(name, value);

Return Value

Type Description
boolean Returns true if successful


Name Type Description
name string The name of the name value pair to return the ValueInput object from
value ValueInput The ValueInput object


Introduced in version August 2014