RectangularPatternConstraintInput.setDirectionOne Method

Parent Object: RectangularPatternConstraintInput
Defined in namespace "adsk::fusion" and the header file is <Fusion/Sketch/RectangularPatternConstraintInput.h>


Sets all of the input required to define the pattern in the first direction.


"rectangularPatternConstraintInput_var" is a variable referencing a RectangularPatternConstraintInput object.
returnValue = rectangularPatternConstraintInput_var.setDirectionOne(directionOneEntity, quantityOne, distanceOne)
"rectangularPatternConstraintInput_var" is a variable referencing a RectangularPatternConstraintInput object.

#include <Fusion/Sketch/RectangularPatternConstraintInput.h>

returnValue = rectangularPatternConstraintInput_var->setDirectionOne(directionOneEntity, quantityOne, distanceOne);

Return Value

Type Description
boolean Returns true if it was successful.


Name Type Description
directionOneEntity SketchLine Specifies the SketchLine object used to define the first direction entity.

This argument can be null to indicate that the default first direction is to be used, which is along the X axis of the sketch.
quantityOne ValueInput Specifies the number of instances in the first direction.
distanceOne ValueInput Specifies the distance in the first direction. How this value is used depends on the value of the PatternDistanceType property. If the value is ExtentPatternDistanceType then it defines the total distance of the pattern. If the value is SpacingPatternDistanceType then it defines the distance between each element.


Introduced in version September 2022