SketchFittedSplines.add Method

Parent Object: SketchFittedSplines
Defined in namespace "adsk::fusion" and the header file is <Fusion/Sketch/SketchFittedSplines.h>


Creates a new fitted spline through the specified points.


"sketchFittedSplines_var" is a variable referencing a SketchFittedSplines object.
returnValue = sketchFittedSplines_var.add(fitPoints)
"sketchFittedSplines_var" is a variable referencing a SketchFittedSplines object.

#include <Fusion/Sketch/SketchFittedSplines.h>

returnValue = sketchFittedSplines_var->add(fitPoints);

Return Value

Type Description
SketchFittedSpline Returns the newly created SketchFittedSpline object if the creation was successful or null if it failed.


Name Type Description
fitPoints ObjectCollection A collection of points that the curve will fit through. They can be any combination of existing SketchPoint or Point3D objects.


Name Description
GeometricConstraints.addSmooth Demonstrate the GeometricConstraints.addSmooth method.
SketchFittedSplines.add Demonstrates the SketchFittedSplines.add method.
Sketch spline through points creation and relative functions API Sample Create a sketch spline with points and use some operations for spline tangent handle & curvature handle.


Introduced in version August 2014