To specify source and draping options

Specify source and draping options for imported data. Draping options determine the relationship between the imported data and the elevation of the terrain. You can also clip imported data to the model extent, or convert closed polylines to polygons.

  1. Click Manage glyph Content glyph data sources (Data Sources) to open the Data Sources panel

  2. Right-click on the desired data source to configure and select Configure.

  3. Select the Source tab.

    configuration source

  4. In the Draping Options field, do the following:

    • If the data lies on the terrain, select Drape.
    • If this data lies under or above the terrain, select Set Elevation.
    • If there is a single property that represents the relationship between the data you are importing and the elevation of the terrain, select it from the drop-down list.
    • Note: To specify a data source property to represent the elevation, click expression and enter an expression.
  5. Select Clip to Model Extent to clip the geographic area of the imported data layer to the model extent. See About Coordinate Systems and Model Extent for more information.

  6. Select Convert Closed Polylines to Polygons when importing coverage areas.