Producer Training Course

This Producer series focuses on empowering Producers and keeping them engaged with real-life scenarios rather than just outlining the basics. These videos are broken down into topics and aimed to educate Producers—from project creation to full-on project tracking—with an advanced scheduling and tracking emphasis. Whether Producers are starting Flow Production Tracking for the first time, or have been using it for some time, these videos can help transform Producers into Flow Production Tracking power users.


We recommend viewing the Getting Started with Film and Animation,Getting Started Guide for Episodic TV, Getting Started for Automotive Design, and/or the Getting Started Guide for Games series prior to viewing the Producer Series. These beginner series will give you a better understanding and foundational knowledge of Flow Production Tracking prior to diving into these Producer Workflows.

Even though these scenarios can be handled in many different ways, best practices are demonstrated throughout.

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A Producer's Intro to Flow Production Tracking

An overview of how to organize our information in Flow Production Tracking so that our Projects are set up to succeed.

Supplemental Material

Flow Production Tracking schema

Best Practices

Flow Production Tracking Street Smarts: Getting Started

Set up Account Settings

A look into Account Settings for ourselves and our crew, covering notifications, email notifications, and follow settings so that collaboration can start early on.

Create a Project

An in-depth overview of creating a Project, and managing Project statuses from bidding and pre-production to being awarded the project.

Project Timeline

A higher level dive into managing Project phases, such as turnovers, deliveries, departmental phases, and other important dates to track.

Adding People

A dive into adding People to Flow Production Tracking with an overview of how permissions will drive what they can see and do.

Supplemental Material


Crew Planning

A higher level dive into managing our crew with new hires, existing crew, the Projects they will be working on, and when they have vacations.

Importing Assets, Shots, and Bids when some Data is already in Flow Production Tracking

A deeper dive into more complex importing, covering how to import Tasks, Bids, and Asset data at the same time.

Linking Entities

A more in-depth overview of how Entities are linked together, and how to use bubbled fields.

Tasks and Scheduling

A dive into Task Templates, the anatomy of a Task, and creating Tasks on the fly for common workflows. This is the first of four videos in the series that cover Tasks in different contexts.

Tasks and Pipeline Steps

A dive into Pipeline Steps and how to digest statuses easily from one page.

Supplemental Material

Pipeline Steps for Admins

Scheduling with the Gantt View

A deeper dive into scheduling more visually, with the gantt view. This video covers common workflows and scenarios, including dependencies, splitting tasks, offsets and work schedules.

Supplemental Material

Work Schedules

Flow Production Tracking Street Smarts: Scheduling Tips and Tricks

My Tasks

An overview of how to configure My Tasks for Artists, and how to log time.

Supplemental Material

Intro to Flow Production Tracking Create

My Tasks

Time Logs

Tracking bids and logging time

Smart Thumbnails

Creating things like Pages via the Global New Menu (covered in the Adding People Topic)

Required Fields on a Form (covered in the Tasks and Scheduling Topic)

Tracking Bids Against Time Logged and Comparing Field Values

A dive into measuring bids versus actuals, and comparing field values with calculated fields. This video covers common workflows relating to Task, Shot, Asset, Spot, and Level costs, and how to determine when Tasks are going over budget.

Supplemental Material

Calculated Fields

Site Preferences: Language and Formatting

Query Fields