Client Review Site

“Hyperspace Madness” requires a lot of feedback from a Client. The Client Review Site makes it so that we can send Clients media to review and leave feedback on, without giving them full access to the Flow Production Tracking Site. They’ll have a restricted view where they can leave notes on media, and the view is designed to be very intuitive. Your Clients can access your work on the desktop or while on the go on their mobile device. Notes made on the Client Review Site go directly back into Flow Production Tracking linked to all the important things in your Project.

Share via the Client Review Site

Add any work you’d like to collaborate with your client to a playlist. You can use the Media App’s drag and drop ordering to sort the playlist to your preferred order then click the Share button.


Client Review Site: Preview mode

As soon as you’ve clicked on the Share button, a new window will open to show you the Client Review Site in Preview Mode. The view below the blue Preview bar represents exactly what your client will see so you can confirm that everything looks right before you send it to them.


Clients can also use web review features in Flow Production Tracking, including: scrubbable timeline and play/pause controls, frame count, annotation and zoom tools, audio mute, full screen toggle, and player settings.


Version name and the reason for review

Many times your Version name internally may mean something different to a Client. That is the case on “Hyperspace Madness.” The Version Name area can be adjusted in Settings to display an alternate Client Version Name field if desired. The Reason for Review area provides a place for you to enter notes for your client to help set context for why they're looking at the version.



You can bulk update the Reason for Review field in the Media App by revealing the Reason for Review suggested field.

Download source files

Clients often want access to the actual media file. The Download Source link will display to the lower right of the player if you allow that option when sharing. This lets your clients download the file you originally uploaded to Flow Production Tracking for offline viewing or to drop into their cut.



The source movie file is stored on the Version-level Uploaded Movie field. The link will not appear if you’ve turned off the ability to download the source file when sharing the playlist.

Project settings

While working on different Projects with different Clients, settings per share may differ. For instance, with my commercial Project, I’d rather not require the Client to enter a password when they receive an invitation to review media via the Client Review Site.

Project Settings are specific to the Project you’re in and carry over to new Projects when the current Project is used as a template. A change in this menu only applies to playlists shared from the current Project. This allows you to fine tune your settings and keep them with you over time. Included in this menu are default Project settings for where you require a password to be entered to access a playlist, when a playlist share expires, control over whether clients can see and create comments, download source media, whether email notifications contain thumbnails, and more. Remember, these are just the defaults; all of these settings can be overridden while sharing a playlist.


Organization settings

This is where you set your studio information. This information personalizes the Client Review Site and the invitation email you send out to invite people.


All playlists shared via the Client Review Site share the same Organization settings. In other words, changing Organization settings will update all Playlists.


Share with your Client

You can invite Client Users to view your Playlist via the Client Review Site vie the “Invite People” button to the upper right of Preview Mode. You can create new Client Users from here, or enter in a Client User that already exists. You can also write a personalized message that they will receive in the invite email.


After you’ve shared a playlist, your client will receive a Shared Playlist Invitation email. Clients can access your work by clicking on the View Playlist button.

For more details on the Client Review Site, check out the Client Review Site Overview for Flow Production Tracking Users.

For an overview of the Client Review Site from a Client perspective, and to send instructions to your Client, be sure to check out the Client Review Site Overview for Clients.