My Tasks

My Tasks helps you keep track of what you’re working on so you always know where to find the information you need. My Tasks displays all the Tasks assigned to you in an easy to scan list. Clicking on a Task in your queue loads up the Task's linked entity in the detail pane on the right.

My Tasks

Viewing My Tasks

The Sort button on the top toolbar allows you to change how your Tasks are grouped and sorted. This sort list includes the most commonly accessed fields to organize by, but if you're not seeing what you want you can access any field via “All Fields.”

Sort button

Clicking the Filter button activates an overlay that includes the Filter Panel, similar to all other pages within Flow Production Tracking.

Filter button

The New Task button allows you to quickly create a new Task without having to navigate away from My Tasks.


This option is only available for users with permissions to create new Tasks.

New Task button

On the far right, you'll see a search box. Use this to search through your Tasks.

Search tasks

Task information

Once you click on a Task on the left, the parent Task’s detail page (a linked entity) loads on the right.

Detail page

On the top of the detail page, you'll see the Task header information—along with options to Follow, change the page settings, refresh the page, and use the Action Menu (the arrow drop down).

Below that are clickable tabs that show related information, such as other entity detail pages.

Under the Activity tab, you'll see the Task's Activity Stream. Here are all the events that are happening related to the Task—including Notes, Versions, Publishes, and other important changes.

To the right of the Activity Stream, you’ll see the Tasks related to your Task. This is a handy way to see who else is working with you without having to jump elsewhere to find that information.

On the lower right, you'll see profile thumbnails for all those who are following the Task. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to that person’s detail page.

Admin options

Admins can save the default sorting and filtering options for My Tasks.

After creating saved filters in the Filter Panel or changing the sorting via the Sort menu, go to the Settings Menu to save the filters and sort as default.

Save filters