Overlay Player

Flow Production Tracking provides multiple built-in review tools. The Overlay Player provides quick access to view uploaded media, provide feedback with notes and annotation tools, and see other related media.

Overlay Player

  1. Annotation tool selection
  2. Annotation toolbar
  3. Timeline toolbar
  4. Detail pane

The Overlay Player is accessible throughout Flow Production Tracking wherever you see a thumbnail with a play icon. Double clicking on the playable thumbnail will launch the Overlay Player, with Version information on the right in the details pane.

Timeline Toolbar

The Timeline Toolbar contains everything you need to work with your media, including:

Annotation toolbar

You can use Flow Production Tracking's annotation tools to mark up frames and provide clear feedback to your artists. Each tool has options such as brush size, stroke, fill, and opacity. There is also an eraser tool you can use to make corrections. When you draw on a frame, that frame—and any other frame you marked up—is automatically attached to your note and displayed via a thumbnail. When selected, thumbnails are displayed via the Lightbox Viewer.

You can toggle the Annotation toolbar on and off quickly by pressing "a" on your keyboard.

Zoom tool

The Zoom tool helps you zero in on your media, so you can ensure you're delivering the highest quality work. Enable by clicking on the icon, or by pressing "z". Zoom in one level at a time per click or zoom out one level at a time per shift+click. Or, click-hold-drag-left or click-hold-drag-right to quickly push in and out on your media quickly. To reset and fit media to your screen, press "r" or "f".

You can enable the Zoom tool quickly and regardless of what you have selected in the Timeline Toolbar via a keyboard shortcut. On OSX, press and hold Cmd and then drag left or right.


Check out other power user keyboard shortcuts by pressing "/" or "?".

Pan tool

The Pan tool gives you the control to move your media anywhere within the player window. This is particularly useful when you're zoomed in really tight on a version. Just click+hold+drag to move the canvas.

You can enable the Pan tool quickly and regardless of what you have selected in the Timeline Toolbar via a keyboard shortcut. On OSX, press and hold Option and then drag your cursor.

Actions menu

The Actions menu provides quick access to opening your media in RV as well as an option to download the source file.


The Settings menu gives you control over default loading preferences, caching options, and a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet.

Detail pane

When you play a Version, you will see information about that Version appear in the Detail pane to the right of the player window. The top portion tells you everything you need to know about your media. You can customize what information appears here to fit your reviewing needs. Click on Notes Panel for the Notes panel, where you can add feedback on the Version that Flow Production Tracking will send back to the artist who submitted it. Click on Related Versions Panel for the Related Versions panel, which allows you to load and compare previous Versions submitted for the same Shot or Asset.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Flow Production Tracking's review tools have many built-in keyboard shortcuts to speed up your review. You can find the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet via the Settings menu or by pressing "/" or "?".