The review workflow

Video transcript

Today we're going to talk about Flow Production Tracking's cloud-based, review process. We have an Artist named Ken, and a supervisor, named Johnny.

They're working together on the same project, although they're located on opposite sides of the world.

The Artist Ken logs into Flow Production Tracking through a browser. He wants to submit a new Version for his supervisor to review.

He goes to the Media App, and easily drags and drops the new Version directly into Flow Production Tracking. He adds a description and clicks "Create Version." Flow Production Tracking automatically uploads a cloud-based Quicktime file and notifies the supervisor Johnny that he has a new Version to review.

create versions

Johnny also logs into Flow Production Tracking through a browser. He can see all the Versions that have been submitted for him to review. He can use filters, such as the "Unviewed," to view only the Versions he has not reviewed yet.

unviewed playlist

Clicking on the thumbnail, he can play back and review the Quicktime file.

When it's time to communicate with his Artist, he can use annotation and notes, and draw directly on the frames that he wants to have some changes made to. He can then add a description and then submit this.

annotation on frame

All of this is being tracked within Flow Production Tracking, and it's even available on your iPhone.

Let's visit our Artist Ken once again. In his inbox, he receives a notification from his supervisor Johnny. He clicks on it and gets clear, concise information as to what he needs to do. Even the thumbnails with the annotation notes are part of the message.

inbox feedback

Let's go back to our supervisor Johnny. It's time for him to submit some Versions to the client to get the client's feedback. Again, inside of Flow Production Tracking, Johnny can create a playlist. He can simply drag and drop the Versions to share with his client.

client review playlist

Then, in the Client Review Site, Johnny can add notes to each individual clip, share the playlist by entering the email, or emails, of the people who need to receive this.

client review site

Once he clicks send, the email is sent.

The client then receives an email with a link to view the Versions in a browser or even from their mobile device. And when they want to add feedback, they simply enter their comments and click reply.

client feedback

Everything is tracked within Flow Production Tracking. No information is ever lost. Everyone is connected.