Playing and reviewing in context of the Cut


To access the cut or other context views in Create, see this topic on the sequential media view in Create.

Flow Production Tracking and RV 7.0 introduces Cut-based, contextual review across the browser and natively on the desktop using Screening Room for RV. As in the past, the Overlay Player in the browser focuses on providing you the convenience of reviewing anywhere you have internet access, and RV provides local, native playback of hi-res frames and movies. Despite these differences, the overall Cut feature set is the same across the Overlay Player, Screening Room and Screening Room for RV.

There are a couple different ways you can play media and a Cut in Flow Production Tracking:


Once you've launched a player, a new Cuts Tray lets you quickly switch between Full or Mini Cut mode, browse through different Versions of the Cut, and filter by status or pipeline step to see the latest work in context of a Cut.

When reviewing a specific Shot, the ability to see it in context can be very important to the process of giving comprehensive creative feedback. Full Cut mode enables you to review the Shot in context of the full sequence, while Mini Cut mode allows you to customize the number of associated Shots before and after the specific Shot being viewed.


When you first play a Cut, you're viewing the Cut with media in its originally imported state. That's handy, but a Project is a living, breathing thing and you need to see the latest work available. To do this, use the Status and Pipeline Filters. When enabling these filters, Flow Production Tracking will look for any Versions in the Project associated with the Shot and the filter conditions and then play them back within the Cut.

These filters can help those of you working in studios where you only care about a specific area of the pipeline say Animation, for example. And these settings are remembered over sessions, meaning you don't need to keep setting up the filters again and again.


If filtering doesn't net the results you want, you can also just swap out a specific piece of media with the Swap Versions menu. Right click on a thumbnail in the Cut Tray and select the media you want to swap in. (In RV, there isn't a Swap Versions menu instead, you can use Right Pane's Versions section and swap a piece of media into the RV sequence.)

Any pieces of media swapped in are pinned in the Cut during your session.


Near the upper left of the Cut Tray, you'll see the name of the Cut currently playing. By clicking on it, you'll open the Related Cuts menu. This menu makes it simple to view Cuts related to the one being viewed like previous iterations of a Cut or 30/60/90 second Cuts of a commercial project and even Cuts where the currently playing Shot appear, like in a Cut of a trailer or promo piece.


7.0's Cut Support features can also make your review sessions more efficient by providing quick access to the cut from a playlist via the Clapper Icon . Instead of spending time preparing all sorts of separate playlists, you can prep your review playlist, play it in the browser or RV, and when you want to see the playlist Version in Cut context click the clapper icon. Once you're finished reviewing in the Cut, click the clapper icon again to return to the playlist and move on to the next Version.

When you're ready to provide feedback on the media, you can use Flow Production Tracking and RV's familiar notes and annotation tools in the Right Pane.