Realign sketch coordinate system

    Alignment is by a vertex or a feature edge . Arrows indicate the directions of the X and Y axes.

  1. Create a sketch on a feature face or work plane.
  2. On the ribbon Sketch tab Constrain panel , click Edit Coordinate System .

    Rotate coordinate system

    1. On the axis icon (near the center of the sketch), click the red arrow to realign the x axis, or the green arrow to realign the y axis.
    2. Click a feature edge to rotate the coordinate system.


      Right-click, and select Flip Axis.

    3. Right-click, and select Done.

    Move coordinate system

    1. On the axis icon, click the origin dot.
    2. Click a feature vertex to move the coordinate system origin.

      If you click geometry that is not a vertex, right-click, choose Select Other, and then cycle through available geometry. Click the green dot to select.

    3. Right-click, and select Done.

The highlighted axis determines how the coordinates align (the highlighted axis aligns with the selected geometry). The sketch grid reorients to align with the coordinate system. You cannot align the axes to perpendicular geometry.

Show Me how to edit the sketch coordinate system