Add report fields with the User Defined Attribute List tool

Each report type has a set of predefined fields available to include in the report. Use the User Defined Attribute List tool to add fields to reports.

If the User Defined Attribute list contains standard AutoCAD Electrical attributes, they are added to the report if not already included. To add a field one of the following is required:

This tool creates a text file (*.wda) containing a list of user-defined fields defined on AutoCAD Electrical block files. The User Defined Attribute List is used by report tools and the Export to Spreadsheet feature to determine which fields to provide.

The list file name can be the same as the active project or named Default to be used by the entire system. The Default.wda file is saved in the base project folder, while the <project_name>.wda file is saved in the same folder as the project definition file (*.wdp). The maximum allowable entries for reading or exporting any *.wda file is 150.

The report format files (*.set) support the user defined fields for automatic report generation. If a .set file declares a field that is not found in the User Defined Attribute List, the column in the report is empty.

The User-defined attribute feature adds attribute and xdata values from blocks that represent devices. This feature does not add values from wire number blocks, cable marker blocks, or conduit markers.

Note: Attributes can be added to existing block files using the Add Attribute tool or the AutoCAD ATTDEF command. Edit attributes using the Show/Edit Miscellaneous option in the Insert/Edit Component dialog box or using the Enhanced Attribute Editor tool accessed by double-clicking an AutoCAD Electrical block in the drawing.

Export to spreadsheet

The attributes in the User Defined Attribute list are also added to the fields exported in the Export to Spreadsheet feature. Add the User Defined Attribute names to the wd_xls_all_template.xlt worksheets to include these fields with the General export option. The default location for the spreadsheet template is C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD {version}\Acade\Support\{language code}.