To Add Report Fields with the User-Defined Attribute List Tool

  1. Click Reports tabMiscellaneous panelUser Attributes. Find
  2. In the User Defined Attribute List dialog box, click inside the Attribute Tag column for Row 1. Enter the new field name using one of the following methods:
    • Type an attribute or xdata name. Only xdata with a “VIA_WD_” prefix are supported. Do not include the prefix when entering the field name.

      For example, the Mount value on a panel footprint can be in xdata VIA_WD_MOUNT or on a MOUNT attribute. To include the Mount value in a panel report, enter MOUNT as the field name.

    • Click Pick and select the attribute from the drawing.
  3. (Optional) Specify the column width, justification, and column title for the attribute for report generation purposes.

    Click in a cell to edit the cell or right-click in a cell to copy, cut, or paste contents from one cell into another. If left blank, default values are used.

  4. Repeat for any additional attributes.
  5. Click OK.

    If this is the first time the grid content is being saved, the Save As dialog box displays. Enter the file name and click Save. This is generally <project_name>.wda or default.wda.

    Note: Click Save As if an existing file needs to be saved in a different location or with a different name.