To Set Project Descriptions

Specify descriptions to use in reports and title block updates.

  1. Click Project tabProject Tools panelManager. Find
  2. In the Project Manager, right-click the project name, and select Descriptions.
    Note: You can also set project descriptions when you create a project. Create the project, and in the Create New Project dialog box, click Descriptions.
  3. In the Project Description dialog box, enter values for each line. The dialog box displays 12

    description lines at one time.

    Displays the first 12 description lines.

    Displays the previous 12 description lines.

    Displays the next 12 description lines.

    Displays the last set of 12 description lines, where one of the lines has a value.

  4. To include the description line in a report when the Project Lines Header is added, select the check box for in reports.
  5. Click OK.