Manage Links Dialog

The Manage Links dialog has tabs for Revit models, IFC links, CAD Formats, DWF Markups, and Point Clouds. Under the tabs are columns that provide information about the link.
Column Description
Link Name Indicates the name of the model or file being linked.

Indicates whether the link is loaded in the host model. The field will display as Loaded, Not Loaded, or Not Found.

An additional status, In Closed Workset, may display for a Revit link. When a Revit link is in a workset that is closed, the link is unloaded and does not display in model views. The link is still listed in the Manage Links dialog, and under Revit Links in the Project Browser.

Reference Type Determines whether this linked model will be shown (Attachment) or hidden (Overlay) when the host model is linked to another model.

This column applies to Revit and IFC models only.

See Show or Hide Nested Models.

Positions Not Saved Indicates if the link's position is saved in the shared coordinate system.

This column applies to Revit and CAD links.

See Shared Positioning and Defining Named Positions.

Size Size of the linked file.

This column applies to CAD formats and DWF markups only.

Saved Path

Location of the link on your computer.

In worksharing, this is the location of the central model.

For Point Clouds, this path is relative to the Point Cloud Root Path. Click Options on the application menu to modify this root path.

Note: If you modify the root path, you may need to reload any point cloud files that are already linked to the model.
Path Type

Indicates whether the link's saved path is relative, absolute, or the Revit Server path. This column does not apply to point clouds.

See Tools to Manage Links.

Local Alias If you are using file-based worksharing and you have linked to a local copy of the Revit model or IFC model instead of linking to the central model, its location displays here.

For example, you may want to link to a local model for improved performance when working with your local copy of the workshared model. When you Sync with Central, other users do not use your local copy of the linked model, nor do they see your local path.

See Managing a Team Project.

Sorting Link Information

You can sort the information in the Manage Links dialog. Click a column header to sort the rows by the values in that column. Click the column header again to sort in the reverse order. For example, click the Status column header to sort the rows by Not Found, Loaded, and Not Loaded status, click the Link Name column header to sort the rows alphabetically by name. By default, rows are sorted by link name.

Each tab can have its own sort order. For example, you can sort Revit links alphabetically by model name, reverse-sort CAD Formats by size (smallest to largest), and sort DWF Markups by size (largest to smallest). The sort order persists, so the next time you open the dialog the information is sorted the way you last specified.