Isolated Foundation Analysis Properties

Modify the analytical properties of an isolated foundation to accommodate structural analysis tools and procedures.

To change structural analytical properties, select the element. In the Properties palette, select the element specific analytical properties from the Properties filter.

Note: The following table has been reorganized to reflect the Properties palette available to students and to Autodesk Maintenance and Desktop Subscription customers of the Revit 2015 R2 release of the software.
Name Description
Analytical Model
Analyze As Indicates the property type for structural analysis. Select either Foundation or Not for Analysis.
Analytical Properties
Family Type The family type of the element.
Physical Material Asset The name of a physical asset assigned to the material of the isolated foundation (read-only).
Identity Data
Foundation Number An identifier created for the analytical foundation. This value should be unique across Analytical Isolated Foundations and Analytical Wall Foundations in a project. Revit warns you if the number is already used but allows you to continue using it. You can see the warning using the Review Warnings tool. See Reviewing Warning Messages.
Comments User comments.
Phase Created Indicates in which phase the foundation was created. See Project Phasing
Phase Demolished Indicates in which phase the foundation was demolished. See Project Phasing