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// Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk
// license agreement provided at the time of installation or download,
// or which otherwise accompanies this software in either electronic
// or hard copy form.
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// Provides a data type for some arbitrary user geometry.
// A users geometry class can exist in the DAG by creating an
// MPxSurfaceShape (and UI) class for it and can also be passed through
// DG connections by creating an MPxGeometryData class for it.
// MPxGeometryData is the same as MPxData except it provides
// additional methods to modify the geometry data via an iterator.
#ifndef _apiMeshData
#define _apiMeshData
#include <maya/MPxGeometryData.h>
#include <maya/MTypeId.h>
#include <maya/MString.h>
#include "apiMeshGeom.h"
class apiMeshData : public MPxGeometryData
// Overrides from MPxData
virtual ~apiMeshData();
virtual MStatus readASCII( const MArgList& argList, unsigned& idx );
virtual MStatus readBinary( istream& in, unsigned length );
virtual MStatus writeASCII( ostream& out );
virtual MStatus writeBinary( ostream& out );
virtual void copy ( const MPxData& );
virtual MTypeId typeId() const;
virtual MString name() const;
// Overrides from MPxGeometryData
virtual MPxGeometryIterator* iterator( MObjectArray & componentList,
MObject & component,
bool useComponents);
virtual MPxGeometryIterator* iterator( MObjectArray & componentList,
MObject & component,
bool useComponents,
bool world) const;
virtual bool updateCompleteVertexGroup( MObject & component ) const;
// Helper methods
MStatus readVerticesASCII( const MArgList&, unsigned& );
MStatus readNormalsASCII( const MArgList&, unsigned& );
MStatus readFacesASCII( const MArgList&, unsigned& );
MStatus readUVASCII( const MArgList&, unsigned& );
MStatus writeVerticesASCII( ostream& out );
MStatus writeNormalsASCII( ostream& out );
MStatus writeFacesASCII( ostream& out );
MStatus writeUVASCII( ostream& out );
static void * creator();
static const MString typeName;
static const MTypeId id;
// This is the geometry our data will pass though the DG
apiMeshGeom* fGeometry;
#endif /* apimeshData */